A tour of London for American Visitors

American London tours

This tour of London is inspired by the friendship between America and England. Ever since the original colonists arrived in New England on the Mayflower in 1620, there have been cultural and spiritual ties between our two nations. Your Blue Badge tourist guide will be pleased to share those ties with you while in London.

On this tour of London you will visit many places with an American connection including the area of Mayfair known as ‘Little America’, where John Adams lived from 1785 to 1788, when he was effectively the first American Ambassador. The location is also affectionately known as ‘Eisenhower Platz’, after the Supreme Allied Commander set up his strategic command here during the latter part of the Second World War.

There are also statues here to Franklin D Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, as well as a memorial to the brave American fighter pilots of World War Two who fought alongside their British counterparts in the early years of the war. We will then proceed to the house of Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, where we will explore his living quarters in the company of Polly Hewson, the daughter of his landlady, who was ‘adopted’ by him while he was staying in London between 1757 and 1775. This historically accurate portrayal of Franklin through the eyes of Polly examines the complex nature of this talented man in the years prior to the Revolutionary Wars.

We will have lunch at the Mayflower pub where the Pilgrim Fathers began their epic journey almost 400 years ago, before we return to see other sites of interest such as the church where William Penn was baptised and John Quincy Adams was married; and another where Theodore Roosevelt was married. We will also explore contemporary American culture in London, through current exhibitions and permanent displays reflecting the influence of that culture on English traditions.

8 hour Americans in London tour £525/£550

The cost includes the use of a driver guide and his vehicle and is NOT the rate per person. The lower price is for up to 4 passengers and the higher for 5/6 passengers. All parking charges are included but admission fees are additional.