Art History Tours

Enjoy what England has to offer in terms of its artistic heritage on one or more of our cultural tours. These are two examples of the many art history tours we can provide. Please enquire for further options.

The Impressionists in London

claude monet art of londonWe tend to think of the French Impressionist and Post Impressionist painters in terms of their depictions of Paris and its environs in the latter part of the 19th century. However several of them came to England during those years, most notably Alfred Sisley, whose parents were British; Claude Monet who was enchanted by the ethereal nature of the London fogs; and Camille Pissarro who, like Monet, was inspired by the atmospheric paintings of JMW Turner that he saw when he visited here in 1870.

Art is rarely parochial and artistic endeavor is never isolated within a core group. In the nineteenth century an artistic dialogue had begun between French and British artists that by the Impressionist era was in full swing. There were French art dealers in London (that included a young Vincent van Gogh), and artists were traveling in both directions between London and Paris to share ideas and be inspired.

Visit the locations in and around London where they lived and painted, as well as visiting the National Gallery, The Courtauld Institute and Tate Modern to see examples of their work. Your guide is Michael Robinson, a former lecturer in art history with specialist knowledge of this period. His enthusiasm for the subject knows no bounds.

8 hour Impressionists in London tour £525/£550 *

British landscape artists

Constable - Art tours of LondonThis two or three day tour will examine the work of John Constable (1776-1837) who painted the quintessentially English rural landscape of East Anglia, and/or his contemporary JMW Turner (1775-1851), whose work can be seen at the Sussex country home of one of his patrons, Lord Egremont, where he frequently stayed and painted. Both artists were elected members of the Royal Academy in London, the highest achievement in art at the time, and their work has stood the test of time.

In addition to visiting these locations, your Blue Badge tour guide will escort you round two London collections to see examples of the work and also some of their contemporaries, both English and French. You will also be shown locations in London associated with their life and painting careers.

Two day tour visit – Day One EITHER Constable country, OR Turner’s Sussex and Day Two London locations and galleries £1150/**

Three day visit – Day One visit to Constable Country, Day Two Turner’s Sussex, Day Three London locations and galleries, £1600**

*The cost includes the use of the driver guide and his car and is NOT the rate per person. The lower price is for up to 4 passengers, the higher for 5/6 passengers. All parking charges are included but admission fees are additional

** The cost includes the use of the driver guide and car and is NOT the rate per person. The price is for up to 4 passengers, to allow for additional luggage space. If you have a larger group please ask for a quote. All parking charges are included but admission fees and your overnight accommodation are additional.