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Harry Potter

harry potter tour guide londonHarry Potter is the outstanding film sensation of the 21st century, enjoyed by millions of Muggles around the world. The films were all made in the UK at the express wishes of the author. Robinson Tours offers a range of visits to the various locations where the magic was created. I might only be a Blue badge Muggle tour guide, but with a little magic I will bring these locations to life especially for you.

As usual, my tours are flexible. We can spend a day in London exploring the locations of the Ministry of Magic, Platform 9¾, and the Leaky Cauldron. Or be a little more adventurous and extend the tour with a trip to see the famous staircase where Harry, Hermoine and Ron are greeted by Professor McGonagall on arrival at Hogwarts, plus a visit to the fictional village, Budleigh Babberton, location for “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”. We can also check out where Mad-eye€™ Moody turned Draco Malfoy into a ferret plus the room where Ron is taught to dance prior to the Yule Ball.

Why not combine your tour with a studio visit to Leavesdon? Discover the secrets in the “The Making of Harry Potter” with an opportunity for a look behind the scenes and marvel at the imagination and talent of the film Harry Potter film makers as we take a look at the sets, costumes and animatronics that brought everything to life on screen.

8 hour Harry Potter London tour combined with other city sites £525/£550 *

8 hour Harry Potter tour London and Oxford £575/£600 *

8 hour Harry Potter tour Leavesdon studios plus London OR Oxford £575/£600*

11 hour Harry Potter tour Oxford, Gloucester and Lacock £725/£750 *

* The cost includes the use of the driver guide and his car and is NOT the rate per person. The lower price is for up to 4 passengers, the higher for 5/6 passengers. All parking charges are included but admission fees are additional.

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