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Escaping Nazi persecution in Vienna, the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud made London his last home, settling in Hampstead. Today his house is open to the public where one can see his original study and consulting room preserved just as it was during his lifetime.

However the most extraordinary display is of his collection of two thousand ancient Greek, Egyptian and Levant art objects that decorate Freud’s study. Among my favourites are the Shabti figures that were placed inside tombs to act as servants for the deceased in the afterlife.

Another important resident of the house was his daughter Anna, a pioneer of child psychoanalysis who is also well represented in the displays.

I finally managed to get to the Royal Academy’s ‘America after the Fall’ an exhibition of American art of the 1930s. It was a sort of pilgrimage to see Grant Wood’s ‘American Gothic’ which like most people I had only ever seen in posters, and not actually in the flesh. But this exhibition is so… Continue Reading

A very happy birthday to Dame Vera Lynn who is 100 today!!!! I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady a few years ago as she lives not far from me and we met in a local store. Most Brits know who she is but if you’re from overseas then perhaps you don’t. She… Continue Reading

I was very fortunate to have met up with three of the Pearly Kings today at their adopted church, St Pauls in Covent Garden. What a cheeery bunch they were too, giving up their time to raise money for good causes. As a fellow working class Londoner its always great to see these Kings and… Continue Reading