Private London Tours ChurchillIn 2002, the BBC presented a series of TV programs about the 100 greatest Britons of all time, as polled by viewers to the show.

Unsurprisingly the number one Briton was Sir Winston Churchill, Britain’s wartime leader and Prime Minister. This charismatic figure managed to court both Stalin and Roosevelt to become Britain’s allies against Nazi Germany while empowering his own people using some of the most powerful speeches ever made by a politician anywhere in the world, despite a speech impediment. But Churchill was more than just a great leader and orator.

Born into a privileged background as the grandson of the Duke of Marlborough he chose to earn his living as a soldier and reporter during the Boer war, where he distinguished himself before becoming a politician in the 1900 election at the age of just 25. His political career was meteoric in the early years, but following a strategic military blunder during the First World War, and subsequent other poor judgements in the 1920s, he found himself in the political wilderness until 1940 when, aged 65, he became the Prime Minister of a country at war. In the intervening years he had correctly predicted Germany’s rearmament strategy and its aspirations for European dominance. With Britain and her allies defeat of Germany in World War Two, Churchill continued his political career making important speeches about the tyranny of Stalin and the impending Cold War.

Despite his busy schedule, Churchill was a prolific writer and won the Nobel prize for literature in 1953 for his many works. He was also an excellent amateur painter and even turned his hand to bricklaying at his country retreat. Churchill was also recognised in the US, the first Briton to be given honorary citizenship.

I am a historian with a particular lifelong interest in Churchill and I would love to share my interest with you by visiting his birthplace at Blenheim Palace and his grave at nearby Bladon, as well as the Cabinet War Rooms used by Churchill during the war. We can also visit his country home in Kent, where his painting studio can be seen as well as the spaces in which he entertained many of the world’s leaders and celebrities.

Combined day tour of Cabinet War Rooms in London and EITHER Chartwell OR Blenheim £575/£600

The cost includes the use of the driver guide and his car and is NOT the rate per person. The lower price is for up to 4 passengers, the higher for 5/6 passengers. All parking charges are included but admission fees are additional.