“We would just like to say how much we enjoyed Michael and our tour when we were in London a few weeks ago. You could not have paired us with a better guide, as he is not only knowledgeable, he also holds that unique (and glorious) combination of being professional and fun. He took us on a 3-cathedral and Methodist Museum tour. He listened to us, and caught other things we love, and worked diligently to get us to King’s College in Cambridge because it was such an important place for me to visit. (The Choir did not disappoint!) Thank you SO much for your assistance. We have spoken of your company and Michael many times over. If we ever return, we will be calling you. We are very grateful.”
Mel and Mary Rose, USA

“We spent two days in England with Michael in May 2013 – he picked us up from the airport and we kept going all day long with the highlights of that day being a visit to Westminster Cathedral and the Tower of London. I toured with another Blue Badge driver/guide on a previous London trip and I have to say Michael’s commitment to his clients was a cut above what I experienced in the past. For example, previous guide said “ok, here are the Crown Jewels, go in, look around and I’ll meet you on the other side.” But Michael came in with us and narrated, providing insight we would not have received otherwise (a main reason for hiring a private guide). On our second day with him, he brought us to Hampton Court Palace via Richmond Park. What a treat! He specifically recommended this due to our interest in the Tudor period. Highly recommended – and although I’m sure he has been there countless times, you would have thought it was his first visit too! He then made a change in our itinerary, based on our desire to have a look at Canary Wharf, Abbey Road Studios, and other London sites. He went out of his way to locate one of the homes Paul McCartney lived in during the early years of the Beatles – we got turned around a bit but he was determined and we were so appreciative! We felt that we got to see something (several sites actually) that the typical tourist would never experience! The highlight of that exceptional day was that he brought us to a pub for lunch called The Mayflower – where the ship of the same name sailed for the new country. He said it was something he doesn’t do often, but knew we would appreciate it. We certainly did! The icing on the cupcake was at the end of the tour when he presented us with a beautiful coffee table book that he authored. I am really enjoying spending time with this book and will treasure it as a memento of two wonderful days with a very professional, patient, flexible and fun guide – he represents his country very well! Michael Robinson, far from dotty or daft! (private joke!)”
Gail Singer, Houston, Texas

“Michael makes us want to return to England and explore more.”
Mary, Florida, USA

“Anyone who can make my 8 year old nephew relaxed and have fun learning is A*** with me.”
Roberta, Texas, USA

“Thank you for being such a terrific tour guide. We truly enjoyed all the places you showed us.”
Susan T, Houston, Texas.

“Michael was awesome and exceeded all our expectations.”
Robert, Chicago, USA

“The kids paid you perhaps the greatest complement when they told us how much they really enjoyed the day. You simultaneously entertained them while educating them … quite a skill set.”
The Anderson family, Las Vegas, USA

“We remember you fondly for all your patience and expertise.”
The Passman family, Wisconsin, USA

“Thank you for a wonderful day. We asked the kids what their favorite part of the trip was, and they immediately said – The Harry Potter Tour, and Oxford! “
The Schumaker family USA

“Michael is a permanent part of our family and we could not recommend a better person to guide a tour. “
Alex and Angela Schindler, Zen Sports, Texas USA