stonehenge salisbury tours of england
This World Heritage site has been in existence for over 5000 years.

We know when, but we don’t know why and by whom it was built. Visit this ancient monument and allow your Blue Badge tourist guide to explain its secrets and mysteries.



salisbury tours of england Visit the intimate city of Salisbury, about 8 miles from Stonehenge and see the beautiful 13th century cathedral that has the tallest spire in England.

You will also see possibly the oldest working clock in the world, and one of only four remaining original copies of Magna Carta that predates the building itself. Find out why the Cathedral is built on only four feet of foundations and yet has survived for over 700 years.

8 hour Stonehenge and Salisbury tour £600/£650



The beautiful city of Bath with its honey-coloured buildings, is a World Heritage site as designated by UNESCO. Your Blue Badge guide will take you on a conducted tour of this unique city and explain the history of its heritage.

Long before the Romans arrived in Britain in the first century AD, the natural hot mineral spring was used by the ancient Britons for its supposedly curative properties based on the legend of King Bladud. The Romans saw the opportunity to use the sacred spring as part of its own pagan rites and developed a huge bathing complex for all.

Today it is possible to visit the original Great Bath created by them together with many artefacts from their era. It was during the eighteenth century though that Bath came into its own when it became a fashionable spa town. The writer Jane Austen lived in the city for six years, recounting her experiences in her novel, Emma, in which she tells her readers of ‘where the waters do agree, it is quite wonderful the relief they give’. Today it is still possible to get a glimpse of Jane Austen’s world, by visiting the Pump Room and the Assembly Rooms, little changed in over 200 years, and the Jane Austen centre. See also the beautiful Royal Crescent and The Circus where fashionable people spent ‘the season’.

12 hour Stonehenge, Salisbury and Bath tour £750/£795

The cost includes the use of a driver guide and his vehicle and is NOT the rate per person. The lower price is for up to 4 passengers and the higher for 5/6 passengers. All parking charges are included but admission fees are additional.