The Tudors

the tudors specialist london toursThe most famous, and at times, infamous, dynasty of royals in British history is undoubtedly the Tudors who ruled the kingdom for over 100 years from 1485 to 1603.

The most celebrated of them was of course King Henry VIII who was married six times and had two of his wives beheaded. Much of England’s turbulent history is a result of the aftermath of Henry VIII’s Reformation of the English Church in the sixteenth century during the subsequent reigns of his three children, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I. These tours coincide with a revived interest in the dynasty partly through the internationally renowned TV series of The Tudors, broadcast between October 2007 and June 2010.

We will visit the infamous Tower of London, where both Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were beheaded, and the young Princess Elizabeth was imprisoned. We will also see the magnificent Henry VII chapel at Westminster Abbey, where most of the Tudor monarchs are buried. In the afternoon we will go to Hampton Court Palace, built by Cardinal Wolsey and Henry VIII. We will visit the massive Tudor kitchens where over 1000 meals were prepared every day!!! You will see Henry’s state apartments, which are haunted by the ghost of Catherine Howard; the chapel where he married Kateryn Parr and his indoor tennis court, which is still used today. We travel back to London through Richmond Park, once one of Henry’s many hunting grounds, and still home to over 600 Red and Fallow Deer.

There are a number of other variables to this tour around the theme of the Tudors, including castles, palaces, churches and hunting grounds.

9 hour Tudor tour London and Hampton Court Palace £575/£600

The cost includes the use of the driver guide and his car and is NOT the rate per person. The lower price is for up to 4 passengers, the higher for 5/6 passengers. All parking charges are included but admission fees are additional.